A Reason – Outfit #044

New eyes, new hands, new everything basicly, check out the details below, though I haven’t had alot of time to update on here sorry guys, and designers, I need to update more, but I’ve been busy with my own shop, might be opening one in-world, let’s hope! lol, Still though am looking for a place I can put my shop at, if any of you have any ideas or etc, please feel free to message me on flickr “Funeral Plutonian” or e-mail me at funerals0ng@yahoo.com, any help would be awesome! :) I hope you all enjoy your weekend. sig_song

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Genesis – Outfit #042

New Lolas-Tango top outfits!, This is my first post on them, but more will show up in the following days. :) Continue reading to see credits. (Link’s soon) sig_song

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Cover My Eyes – Outfit #041

New skin’s by Fake! they are beautiful, and I took snapshot’s of each skin/ tone with my shape to show you all a preview, so continue scrolling to see the goods/ details. ;)sig_song

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Starry Eyed – Outfit #040

Hello, lovely’s I am back, I have new stuff for you guys, but before I begin to talk about that I finally moved, I’m happy the process took a bit more longer for me to be back because, my mother had gone through an operation, it was scary. But I am glad she came out well from it all. That’s all I just thought I’d inform a few of my friends.

So this is a new skin from Al Vulo, and I love them!, I never owned any from there, but it’s beautiful, definitely recommended to check out if you haven’t. The dress is by Corvus. I love her shop, the make ups and clothing all give a nice beautiful dark look, specially for you macab fans, or for anyone, the dress comes in other colours I will have links to everything else, in a moment just keep scrolling! and hope you guys have a lovely week. :) sig_song

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