Prowling Avenue

Prowling Avenue 001

Hello Lullaby,

Tried to figure out an outfit for Halloween, but I cannot do it. Further than a light witch hat, I decided to call quits and just stick to what I would do. Not partake in it. Now with that said, did go for a more “occult” look or however it is called, and came up with this ensemble that apparently does the trick for me. Amazed isn’t it? Seeing how there is no witch hat, I took the old rabbit out and stuck the hair accessory in the hair, where we’re going? Not a clue, but it looks good doing it.

Getting off my high horse now, I seriously do not know what theme there is for Halloween, I look at it and I’ve seen it. Won’t be doing it, because I just want to go to bed, and wake up fruity and with a bad temper in the morning.

Alas, I as well went to some arcade sim on there, next to just scouting the marketplace, there is hardly a place I go to, while standing around, wondering what to wear. <- SL, if in RL life, I wouldn’t go outside. Weather issues. Going to figure out where they have some nice arcade sims though.

With love,

Asphy X.
Skin – Egozy Hyolee in Canelle
Hair – Magika – Mint (hud 01)
Eyes – {SONG} Runa Blind Eyes
Body – Maitreya – Lara <- pricey
Shape – My own
Head – The Mesh Project, TMP – Fierce in Deluxe <- Animated version, pricey, Demo first they have different ones

Prowling Avenue 002

•Clothes/ Shoes:
Dress – ISON Occult Dress – Midnight
Jacket – ISON Occult Jacket – Tan
Shoes – ROC Bohemia Tassel Boot

Hair ornaments – [MANDALA] Kimono Head accessory
Ears – [MANDALA] Steking Ears Season 5 in Pixie <- changeable ears so they are in that pack, with the mesh head it needs to be fitted over and molded together, because the mesh head in this blog post does not have an option to remove ears, you will figure it out when you’re doing it, so that it won’t become a bother when having heads without ears being able to disappear and in the long run, you will find it so much cheaper to just use this way and still be able to use your favourite head

Prowling Avenue

No Time Today

No time today

Hello Lullabies,

So after a trial of a day whereas I would say that in fact, I would no longer be physically communicating with anyone, I would say my shopping spree went on a good note, conquered a top that had some bad reviews, so it might be a good idea to try those pesky meshes out again now that there is a whole new world option for it.

If anything, if I ever feel like telling someone why I would not be physically speaking any longer, then I might when it comes down to them not going to hassle me afterwards. On another note, gotten some nice anime viewer ideas, so it might seem that is going to be picked up again.

Does anyone even know how this style is called that I slapped onto the picture? It reminds me of aquarel, but it also has that about to burn a picture feel to it.

Now, does anyone live with male neighbours? I can tell you, in less than a week, nobody can speak afterwards. Now I might be having the most patient attitude that even God himself didn’t know I could have, because I did not try and kill anyone in those months.

But my health has only deteriorated and they are adamant on going even further with it. Now even I do not care that I have spent years on getting my health back on track, but do they keep to themselves or try and hassle me with their listening in, peeping in, or whatever they think they can do, while forcing me to “Get pregnant” that I have heard many times, and quite frankly.

Not one chance any longer.

Not ever, as in, I do think back so when someone goes like; but maybe over.

NO. Not over a maybe certain kind of time, because if I have to lower myself one more time to end up hospitalized. I would say, that is one chance of a day too many.

Good day Lullaby.

Skin – Egozy Hyolee in Canelle
Hair – Magika – Road (hud 01)
Eyes – {SONG} Runa Blind Eyes
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – My own

•Clothes/ Shoes:
Shirt – Cambridge House – Naga Top
Pants – FashionNatic – Emelie pants *Dreamlife*
Shoes – *MODA* Imani Tassel Pumps

Blind Side

blind side_001

Skin – Egozy – Hyolee in Canelle
Hair – Magika – Such
Head – The Mesh Project – Fierce (Beta) in Deluxe
Eyes – {SONG} – Runa Blind Eyes
Hands / Body – Maitreya Lara
Feet – Slink High Feet
Shape: Done by me

•Clothes/ Shoes:
Shirt – Blueberry – Sweater Cardigan in White
Pants – Isabel Spiked Pants
Shoes – Garbaggio Clear Ankle Boots in Red

Rainy Ninja

Rainy Ninja Action Warning

Skin – .tsg. C-tone skins
Hair – Truth Noemi – Colours
Eyelash – MG Groomed Medium Lashes Mesh
Head – .tsg. Tsu Head in C-Tone
Eyes – {SONG} Demi Eyes – Abyss
Hands / Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Feet – Slink Feet High
Shape: Done by me, but seeing how the new MP is in place, I need to figure out if I want to do some more shapes or nah.

Rainy Ninja day time savings
•Clothes/ Shoes:
Shirt – SUGAR – Harlequin Top in White
Under-shirt – SUGAR Avale Top Black
Pants – *MUKA* Shirley Black
Shoes – AZOURY – Estelita Heels Black *Rare* Gacha in store

Rainy Ninja shoes
Head-band – RO Meowjesty Headband – Black
Kitten – Fawny – Baby Kitty Gacha *Rare* In store
Headchain – ieQED Evil Fairy Headchain *Gacha* The Gathering
Shoulders – Feather Harness Black *Gacha* The Gathering
ring – RO Duality Black *Left*
Umbrella – Mary Poppins -Only used the umbrella, it comes with an complete outfit, yes one umbrella can fly-
Katana – [HL] Meiyo Katana
Hagoromo – {aii} Double Hagoromo
As you can see no skin appliers were used, so for that I would redirect you to any other person out there, but I try to match as much as I can to tone down the costs, for those thrifty shoppers <3

Basic Lookout

Basic Lookout

Most if not all items are bought through the marketplace, because I really am a lazy shopper. <3

aDiva Kenya mesh boots & Maitreya highwaist appliers
Truth – Ivana in Pastel
Avale Hilary Bare Applier
Aii Butterfly Hagoromo in Royal Blue
Kojima High Frequency Blade

Garbaggio Heels in Cocoa
Dead Dollz mesh dress – Petroleum
Truth – Esther in Pastel
Avale Hilary Bare Applier
Aii – Butterfly Hagoromo White
Kojima’s Plasma storm

Maitreya Mesh body – no skin appliers but tint matching
Shape: My own, but ask if wanting a custom
Mesh head n C-Tone
Eyes by Song
Gacha item; Deerling, Ears, horns by Half Deer