Presenting the new Era

Ciaossu, this is my first blog on things virtual wise.

I came with the idea to open a blog on virtual fashion, after a friend told me about her hobby of blogging on SL fashion.

I’m not so experienced in SL yet, to blog about their fashion in high detail, I’m not even qualified to say what goes actually.

So, I am going to blog about IMVU fashion. I’m not really going all: Fashion Police, on it. More a, I like this, I am going to pay attention to details, their product picture and the real deal.

So give me any ideas on something you have seen and would like to talk about. :)

You can find me on these two clients  under the name:

SL (Second Life): Fiore Meiyo

IMVU: Asphyxiophilia


About Asphyxiophiliated

I call myself a fashionista, I sway from the hip to the hap. I like to dive into different styles and at the same time, get the most out of my life. Any other questions, you could like, bother me with them. But no, no I don't like to strangled.

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