Outfit #039-041: Curves and Class


Even though I love them. Some people on SL are disrespectful roaches, they need not continue existing. 

Now you are probably thinking: Then why did you buy them, obviously you wanted the attention?

My answer: Your face is out in the open as well, does not mean I look at it. Simple as that, you would get smacked if you did that in my face in RL, and I mean smacked by heavy objects. I will hurt you. You will be hospitalized and I will get away with it. She has boobs, she is not a bimbo. Go back inside your mother’s womb (bless the dear) collect the brains you forgot on the first try, come back out. Then start thinking.

On a whole different note, As you can see, the theme for this was some kind of a vintage style. I love vintage items, if you want to give me stuff. Think in that direction, from 1920’s til the 60’s… Or… Victorian… I don’t want the Gothic stuff if it isn’t the style from back in the days. Yeah I love old stuff. I was born in the wrong era!

I like to keep my pictures as untouched as possible, so no brushes, no added shadows in PS, nothing. Just actions, magic wand to clip out the background, elliptical marquee tool, DEL. When I feel artistic, I’d do one, but I recently installed Firestorm. Not yet used to the prettiness it brings. Or how annoying the windlight can get in there.

And recently started working on some textures as well. But I will post about that, when they are done. So far they look very nice, but hopefully SL won’t distort them around like an unicorn on crack barfing up rainbows and glittering vampires.

I’ve started thinking of one thing as well. To do a: What’s in your Closet? Section. Contact me in-world by IM or a notecard (Fiore Meiyo) if you are interested in it.

That aside, I am just going to try and post more on here. I feel like Song posts more than I do (She does, I can’t stand it! Must compete!!!!) So random stuff will appear on here. And some daily insight on my SL life.

Met this cute lady: Nikita Nymphea. She’s a blast. Keeps me occupied while Song is scavenging her real life.

Have a nice day, my lovely Strawberries,

With juicy love,


• Details •



Skin – .tsg. Lumiere C :: Sophistication ::
Hair – [LeLutka] – Addison
Eyes – “tSg” WetLook Rainbow Puddle Mesh  (Luckyboard)
Lashes – LeeLoolashes (marketplace)
Implants – Lolas! :::: Push-Up 2.5 / Appliers are at the Sugar Garden.
Hands  – “tSg” Lumiere C Mesh Hand (Is a pack of feet, hands and nails in short and long version, so 3 different cute hand types)

•Clothes/ Shoes:

Top – “tSg” Belted Mini Dress White
Bottom – ^v^DRBC^v^Skell-abration Ruffle Skirt
Tights – WWI Army Girl Garters Jet Black v2
Shoes – .Medley. – Bloody Heels [Black Market]


Earring Left – *N@N@*Catz earring
Earring Right – [ glow ] studio – Stud Cross Earring
Ring – RO – Duality Black Left (Comes in a pack of 4 rings, 2 white, 2 black for left and right hand)

• Details •



Skin – .tsg. mei mei C tone
Hair – *Dura* – *Dura-Girl*34(Sienna)
Eyes – ~*By Snow*~ Fresh Eye MESH (Mushroom)
Lashes – LeeLoolashes
Eyebrows – [Atomic] Grace Brow – Pointed

•Clothes/ Shoes:

Top – Muah! High Waisted Fit
Bottom – Maitreya Mesh Anais Skirt * Birds-Beige
Shoes – KIKI Designs-Coqueta Platform (Black)


Bracelet – miel – CHUM bracelet

• Details •



Skin – .tsg. mei mei C tone
Hair – **Dura-Girl**22(Sienna)
Eyes – .ID. Violet Flare / The Arcade
Lashes – LeeLoolashes

•Clothes/ Shoes:

Top – “tSg” Mini Hoodie Jacket/BlackxPink
Bottom – Maitreya Mesh Anais Skirt * S Polka-Black
Shoes – [whatever] CG – blush/groupgift

About Asphyxiophiliated

I call myself a fashionista, I sway from the hip to the hap. I like to dive into different styles and at the same time, get the most out of my life. Any other questions, you could like, bother me with them. But no, no I don't like to strangled.

2 responses to “Outfit #039-041: Curves and Class

  1. Thank you for blogging my skell-abration skirt! I hope you enjoy it! I am hoping to get a chance to make some tops specifically for the boobies.

    ^v^DRBC^v^ – diZzy

    • You’re welcome~
      I wanted to write a review in your marketplace shop for it, but SL doesn’t allow me to do so, seeing I bought it in world. So on the blog it goes~
      But I seriously love the skirt. It makes me look Italian for some reason. And I would love the idea of some tops that cover the boobs as well.
      There really can’t be enough of those, so hopefully you will get that chance.

      With butterfly kisses,

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