No Time Today

No time today

Hello Lullabies,

So after a trial of a day whereas I would say that in fact, I would no longer be physically communicating with anyone, I would say my shopping spree went on a good note, conquered a top that had some bad reviews, so it might be a good idea to try those pesky meshes out again now that there is a whole new world option for it.

If anything, if I ever feel like telling someone why I would not be physically speaking any longer, then I might when it comes down to them not going to hassle me afterwards. On another note, gotten some nice anime viewer ideas, so it might seem that is going to be picked up again.

Does anyone even know how this style is called that I slapped onto the picture? It reminds me of aquarel, but it also has that about to burn a picture feel to it.

Now, does anyone live with male neighbours? I can tell you, in less than a week, nobody can speak afterwards. Now I might be having the most patient attitude that even God himself didn’t know I could have, because I did not try and kill anyone in those months.

But my health has only deteriorated and they are adamant on going even further with it. Now even I do not care that I have spent years on getting my health back on track, but do they keep to themselves or try and hassle me with their listening in, peeping in, or whatever they think they can do, while forcing me to “Get pregnant” that I have heard many times, and quite frankly.

Not one chance any longer.

Not ever, as in, I do think back so when someone goes like; but maybe over.

NO. Not over a maybe certain kind of time, because if I have to lower myself one more time to end up hospitalized. I would say, that is one chance of a day too many.

Good day Lullaby.

Skin – Egozy Hyolee in Canelle
Hair – Magika – Road (hud 01)
Eyes – {SONG} Runa Blind Eyes
Body – Maitreya – Lara
Shape – My own

•Clothes/ Shoes:
Shirt – Cambridge House – Naga Top
Pants – FashionNatic – Emelie pants *Dreamlife*
Shoes – *MODA* Imani Tassel Pumps


About Asphyxiophiliated

I call myself a fashionista, I sway from the hip to the hap. I like to dive into different styles and at the same time, get the most out of my life. Any other questions, you could like, bother me with them. But no, no I don't like to strangled.

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