Sweet Halloween, where will you go?


Happy Halloween Lullaby,

This ensemble makes me think about good times, and classy wine parties. Luckily, Halloween was around the corner, to introduce this to you. The idea came after watching numerous shows about this kind.

No, they were not anime, if you were thinking that up. It was a nice cultural show about legends pertaining said fox-people, I think you would like it. It is called “Legends of Green Hill.”. I have not identified myself before with any mixture of human – animal, but this one. My heart goes out to them, and hope they have better lives now.

With that all said, enjoy your Halloween, I imagine you fairing better than I have, I was at the Okinama Pumpkin Event, I was so scared on my own! >.<‘ You believe me, right?

Happy Trick or Treating,

With love,

Asphy X.

Skin – .tsg. C-tone skins
Hair – !gO! Antoinette in Black
Eyelash – MG Groomed Medium Lashes Mesh
Head – .tsg. Tsu Head in C-Tone
Eyes – {SONG} Bomi Eyes – Blues / Memori Eyes *Kustom9*
Hands / Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Shape – Me

•Clothes/ Shoes:
Lingerie – .::Dead Dollz::. Minuet Candy
Shoes – {kokoia} Fania Beige

Tail – .::Cubic Cherry::. {Kitsune} Almi *rare* (reseller)
Teeth – .Loud Mouth. vampire teeth
Ears – .tSg. Mesh head elf ears Halo – Lovey Dovey Angie
Choker – Moon Elixir Courtesan *gacha* (reseller)


About Asphyxiophiliated

I call myself a fashionista, I sway from the hip to the hap. I like to dive into different styles and at the same time, get the most out of my life. Any other questions, you could like, bother me with them. But no, no I don't like to strangled.

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