Faced my Bento


Bonjour Lullaby,

How have you been? I have been doing well, shopping and watching people. And along the way made some friends, but as I was shopping with one, he took me to a skin shop, because I was complaining about not being able to find good skins, and this store, looked nice.

Except for the toes, they don’t look right, but I will just have to keep my shoes on and not wear open toes haha.

But looks good, no? I had to adjust only the jaw to get it a bit more to my liking, I messed with my shape so much, I had to save all the in between moments, because I did like that shape, but it was not yet what I needed.

Let’s get on the with the outfit, that I really like, finally found some nice sport clothes.


Skin – L’Etre – Xiao Yu in Chocolate
Hair – .Little ‘Bones. Olympia in Vivid
Head – CATWA Catya
Eyes – {SONG} Casper – Blind Eye & Macy – Black Eye
Body – Slink Hourglass
Hands – Vista Animations Bento Hands
Shape – {Butterfly Kiss} Moi (That is my store)
Tattoo Upper – [White~Widow] Loving – Pink
Tattoo Lower – Letis Tattoo – Ti Tso – LEG13002

•Clothes/ Shoes:
Shirt – [Pumpkin] Layered Crop Tee in Olive [Kustom9]
Pants – [Pumpkin] Sweatpants in Patterned [Kustom9]
Shoes – Rerty NYfashioncity Leopard

Collar – Phedora Cupcake Necklace v.2 *From an Event*
Earrings – R.icielli Koko in Silver
Rings – Absolut Vendetta Hydra Rings [Bento]
Tail – Sweet Thing Neko Tail [Bento]



About Asphyxiophiliated

I call myself a fashionista, I sway from the hip to the hap. I like to dive into different styles and at the same time, get the most out of my life. Any other questions, you could like, bother me with them. But no, no I don't like to strangled.

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