Aside from the flavour, do you like strawberries?

“Because I’m starting to appreciate them more and more…”

Flavour aside, do you like strawberries_009

Bienvenue Lullaby,

How are you doing? I am doing quite fine, has been slow days for me quite frankly, and it was best to enjoy that with a relaxed day of binge watching on series. Seeing I for once did not watch any Asian shows, I went ahead and watched some Western ones.

I am glad I went ahead and did, because I saw an interesting show, that I am not going to tell on yet… It is called Ms Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Now as for SL, I feel like I am hanging around adults too much, I am seeing things I wish I had not seen, as for myself, I am cooped up in my home a lot when I am not sight seeing. I should look in to that a little deeper.

Now {Avie} has released an exclusive for the anyBody event called Briana, I am totally loving the strawberry patterns she included. there is also cherry for the lovers amongst us of that extra bite.


Skin – L’Etre Mai skin *New at L’Etre*
Hair – Little Bones Camila
Eyesbrow – .Arise. Miki brows
Eyelash – Evermore Megumi Lashes Hud B
Eyeshadow – .Arise. Zila Eyeshadow & [okbye] Psychic Eye Dots
Lipstick – [Pink Fuel] Fresh Lip Tint
Head – CATWA Catya Bento Head
Eyes – {SONG} Lumi Eyes (CATWA Applier)
Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body V4.1
Tattoo – {White~Widow} Loving

•Clothes/ Shoes:
Top/Harness/Bottom – {Avie} Briana Set (Exclusive at AnyBody Event)

Ears – L’Etre Basic mesh ears 2017
Bhindi – .Olive. the Heart Gem Moon Bhindi
Septum – ^^Swallow^^ Ribbon Gold Septum
Dimples – Litte Fish Dimple Piercing

Vanity – Moss & Mink Vanity set (Cutie Loot May 2017)
Bathtub – [Tia] Sylvia Bathroom – Gold Tub

i hope you still enjoy your SL.

With Love,



You’re not from around here, are you?

“… Because I would remember seeing such delicious fruit on display. I mean. I like strawberries…”

You're not from around here, are you_002

Goedendag Lullaby,

How is your week going? Excited because the Arcade is open, and you still have to get in there yet? I am as well, but I am trying to fight the urge to hammer my way in.

Weather has been amazing lately, really sunny and warm. But for the people during their Ramadan. Good luck and hang in there. Is going to be tough with this heat. I don’t partake in it myself, but my friends have to.

Now let’s go summarize what I am wearing in this pictre, it was taken at Baja Sands, and it is the new set by {Avie} For the Tropical Summer Event. Tons of cute textures, but I am a strawberry kind of girl, I enjoy it immensely.


Skin – Fiore Ashley skin
Hair – *ARGRACE* Chizuru
Head – Fiore Alura Bento Head
Eyes – {SONG} Lumi Eyes (CATWA Applier) (SaNaRae Event)
Body – Slink Hourglass
Tattoo – LeTiS Tattoo Ti Tso LEG13002

•Clothes/ Shoes:
Top & Bikini – {Avie} Camila Set (Tropical Summer Event)

Ears – L’Etre Basic mesh ears 2017
Bhindi – .Olive. the Heart Gem Moon Bhindi
Septum – ^^Swallow^^ Ribbon Gold Septum Ring (Gacha)

LUXE Demi Poses

Have a hot day of immense joy,

With Love,


He pulled the leash tight, and his fingers strayed meticulously…

“There… You look delicious with those puckered lips, stay cute like this. Nobody has to know what my thoughts really are…”

He pulled the leash tight, and his fingers strayed meticulously_003

Hola Lullaby,

How has your week been? Mine has been very well, lots of sun to frolick in, and many happy things happened along the way.

It seems that I have found someone to spend time with, even more than friends. I am very happy about this, due to a lot of friendships having had double agendas from mainly people who only had one thing on their minds. Could not really talk to them either, only what they wanted was up for debate.

And a guy asked me if I could be his Domme. He was older than I am, and he acted like a child when I rejected him. Was a bit weird to handle even. But it happens when I am not just staying at home, or shopping.

Though a lot of male subs say they stand around at events and any popular shop that women like, so they can be picked up by any good looking Domme. They look horrible though, would rather vomit and feel weak about myself, than pick up a sub staking out at a store.

Unless they are really handsome. I have had my fair share of weird people.

Is why I am so happy with the one who asked. I find it a lot more honest, but enough about my second life. Let’s talk about what I am wearing! Because Avie came out with a new item for the Kinky Event!


Skin – Fiore Ashley skin
Hair – *Pink Hustler* 8175 (The Enchantment: Rapunzel)
Head – Fiore Alura Bento Head
Eyes – {SONG} Nell Eyes (CATWA Applier)
Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Tattoo – {White~Widow} Loving

•Clothes/ Shoes:
Dress – [I<3F] Dress [13] Undress Me (Romp)
Shoes – REIGN Classic Jane Heels & Stockings

Ears – L’Etre Basic mesh ears 2017
Choker – {Avie} Obey Choker (Kinky Event)
Bhindi – .Olive. the Heart Gem Moon Bhindi
Septum – ^^Swallow^^ Ribbon Gold Septum Ring (Gacha)

Bed – +Half Deer+ Dreamrose Princess Bed
Curtains – Moss & Mink Bed Curtains

LUXE Sonya Poses (Uber)

Make sure to get to the Kinky Event, it opens today!

With love,


Friday in the works 001


Hello hello Lullaby,

This is the start of a series posts to update my blog in a quick manner. I now have some time on my hands, and I also wanted to discuss a bit on what I am wearing.

Catwa Catya Head


L’Etre Xiao Yue Skin

Swallow Elven Ears

Little Bones Tonic

Random Matter Yeol Glasses

Phedora Collar

Pink Acid Kappukeki Fall Lipstick

OkBye Kawaii blush

Arise Lip Drool

Kaithleen Bodysuit

Empire Wedelia

Shape by me, still tweaking it.

arly morning shopping_002


Little Bones Portia Vivid (Uber)

Catwa Catya Head

L’Etre Skin in Chocolate

{SONG} Eyes

Slink Hourglass

Vista bento hands

::Villena:: Bodysuit (Mainstore)

Addams Sylvia ripped boyfriend jeans

EMPIRE Tagetes (Wedelia puffs on it)

Sweet thing Bento Tail

PHEDORA Cupcake Necklace

Shape by Me

Pink Shot_001


Body –

CATWA Catya Head

L’Etre Skin in chocolate

Slink Hourglass

[okbye] Kawaii Blush

{SONG} Ells Eye applier for Catwa Mesh Eyes

Pink Acid Kappukeki Fall Gloss

^^Swallow^^ Elven Ears HD

Pink Hustler Hair 8102


.Random Matter. Yeol Glasses

R.icielli Koko Earrings

PHEDORA Cupcake Choker

Flecha Creations Yuri Outfit

Bossie torn leggings

uh-oh Mary Jane Striped Knee Socks

*Epic* Sweet Torment Stompers

Pink Shot_002

Pink Shot_003

This concludes the first post. :D Stay tuned for more~!

With Love,


Snooping Saturday


Annyeong Lullaby,

How are you today? I am doing quite fine, ever since Bento became official, and running. No more changing heads so people can see how I look, because well, as it is, we settle on telling the old of the new, but the old does not want to update, unless it really is mandatory. So what happens? We settle for changing our heads, instead of telling them to just update like any other person, and not be such a pessimistic, negative person to be around, and should just log out if they hate on SL’s new looks.

Many people are like that, negative to be around, but they think that they are kind. I have seen carnivorous animals with more etiquette in their little finger, than these people are actually, kind.

What I aso tend to see are catgirls, using foxtails and think it is a cat tail. So wrong, also, the notion of being a catgirl. If they really loved their pets, they would not behave like a prostitute. Like anyone pretending to be an animal, stop pretending you are a nightwalker, short on income, and high on drugs to sanctify the thought of actually being wholesome. You are not. My cat has more suave moves than the generic catperson has, that think they would talk like a toddler.

I am not upset, just delaying the stream of thought that want to properly investigate what mental disability a Furry has. Most of them, are too stupid to notice, but they come from trash families, no money, no human life standards.

Well that concludes my tidbit of annoyance at one part of the SL community.

Have a good weekend,

With love,

Asphy X.


Skin – DeeTaleZ Madyson
Hair – [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yuno
Head – Catwa Catya
Eyes – {SONG} Desi Eyes – Vamp
Body – Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Hands – Vista Animations Bento hands
Shape – Me

•Clothes/ Shoes:
Overall – -Pixicat- Casual Set Light Blue Nr2
Shoes – Caverna Obscura Genie

Cigarette – [kunst] Spring Cigarette -TMD Event-
Ears – [MANDALA] Unisex Steking Season 5
Septum – ^^Swallow^^ Ribbon Gold
Tails – ..::(Siratama)::.. Shiro-hatibi
Puppy – Jian Holiday Huskies Companion Pup (Grey)
Anklets – KC Princess Anklets